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W. Ritzdorf

Havsdopp träring med Amazonite sten

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Unikt stycke - Havsdopp träring är handgjord med återanvänt brasilianskt hårdträ från vintage möbler och Amazonite naturlig sten från Amazonas regnskog.

Tillverkad av juvelerare och hantverkare Jair Winckler och signerad av designer Fernanda Ritzdorf.

EU-storlek 19

Amazonite, också känt som "Amazon sten", är en halvgenomskinlig blågrön variation av mikroklint fältspat. Amazonite är en mineral med begränsad förekomst och finns i delar av Brasilien, Colorado och Virginia i USA, Australien och Madagaskar.


Wood that is hand picked from vintage furniture. The most used are Imbúia, Pau-Brasil, Angelim Pedra, Jatobá and Ipê.

Silver 950. A higher quality of silver commonly used in South América. Its composition contains more silver compared to the standard sterling 925. All silver used on our products is recycled from vintage jewellery.

Gold and gold plated details in 18 carat, also prevenient from vintage jewellery. The process of recycling these noble metals is made in our atelier in Brazil.

Natural Gemstones hand picked from all over the world but mainly from Minas Gerais - Brazil.

Shipping & Returns

We offer free shipping, however, we strive to be as eco friendly as possible in our choices, from production to delivery. That is why we only accept returns and allow refund if the products are defective or damaged.  

We exchange your product within 30 days after purchase.

Care Instructions

Our jewellery is carved by hand, treated with natural oils, and natural wax. To keep it new and shiny, it should be avoided getting wet. And if it happens, it should be dried with a cloth, and then moisturised with wood oil or wax.

Superior craft quality & innovative design

Handmade Brazilian jewelry is beauty reinvented. Crafted with style in mind by skilled workers in Curitiba, Brazil. Our unique design paired with raw or natural materials make our jewelry perfectly imperfect.